flip_to_frontIn conversation with Thomas Zitzwitz on the collection and production of NFTs

The Cologne artist and curator Thomas Zitzwitz collects and experiments with NFTs. My connection to him came about through the most recent project undertaken by Roland Schappert at the David Behning Gallery. However, his involvement with NFTs was first brought to my attention by chance via twitter. And, as I am – how would people put it nowadays – quite bullish at the moment as far as NFTs are concerned, my curiosity was aroused and I wanted to know more. Thankfully, Thomas found the time to answer a few of my questions.

Pupila Dilatada Flyer –

fk: I saw via twitter that you are involved with NFTs, both as a collector and as a producer. Is that right and why does the subject of NFTs interest you in general?

tz: I am sure that the hype around NFTs has a lot to do with the coronavirus pandemic. At present, the possibilities to see original art are extremely limited. All we are left with are online viewing rooms of galleries, fairs, museums, Instagram, etc. and an almost endless number of PDFs that flatter into our email boxes every day. Even as die-hard art enthusiasts, be it as collectors or artists, we soon become tired of it all.

As an artist, I have always been interested in new trends in contemporary art. I started in 1992 in the foundation semester with a course of studies in Media Arts at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe. Early on, I became interested in new forms in art, as an artist in particular in video and sound installations, as well as a new form that I have called Situation with Smell.

When I look at artworks shown on platforms hicetnunc.xyz, foundation.app, makersplace.com or superrare.co (to name just some of these ‘exhibition sites’), they are stored per certificate in a blockchain as NFTs. That means that I look at the original artwork on my computer screen, even if I am sitting on my own sofa because of a lockdown during the coronavirus pandemic and I am not able to go to museums, galleries and art clubs. That has its own particular appeal for me, as I am not looking at the copy, the photo or documentation of a painting, sculpture, installation or film but at the original.

At the same time, I don’t deny that only a few NFT artworks really engage or inspire me. But there certainly are some, and the discovery of just one such work sometimes makes clicking at breakneck speed through hundreds, even thousands of works worthwhile. But I also believe that, when we have overcome the pandemic, and we can once again visit exhibitions, biennales and fairs, the fascination for NFT artworks will diminish. Although it will definitely not disappear.

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Launching the NFT-Label

digital culture and the creative production that goes with it is constantly changing. the digital3mpire was always a place to examine this change, to reflect on it and to present the results of it. and so it is only logical that we face the new developments here and deal affirmatively with the phenomenon of NFTs. only in this way can we recognize and understand the possibilities and potentials and, in the best possible case, use them for ourselves.

we have minted a first collection on opense and will publish further works together with other artists in the coming period.

Current productions and further information about the label can be found here.

Achim Mohné on the wrong router at NRW Forum

thewrong.org is the worlds most net art biennale of the world. it consists of a planet scale digital swarm of webpages, shows and various exhibition formats contextualizing digital issues in a serious and playful way.‘
the wrong routers where part of the netart biennale 2019.

In 2019, with the kind support of Alain Bieber, a WRONG ROUTER made it into the NRW Forum and was installed there in the entrance area. The sound work “You are listening to the digital data packet of an analog photograph of the first analog cassette recorder from 1963 in the form of a digital sound recording while the sending of the image in an email on 4 May by a Wi-Fi router in under one second.”(47.12 min)“ by Achim Mohné was presented on the router.
The project was curated and organized in cooperation with Darktaxa collective, in this case largely driven by Michael Reisch and Florian Kuhlmann. I will not write any further about the presented work itself, because Michael Reisch had already done a detailed interview with Achim Mohné in advance of the exhibition. You can read the transcript of this conversation here on the darktaxa website.

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Local NONS

Local-non-sculpture is a a location based netart-exhibition and a site specific installation. The project is about the realization of a media plastic, a network-based permanent installation in public space. A media plastic is a sculpture made out of pure information, its dimensions in space are defined by bits, bytes, longitude and latitude and the possibility of getting access to it. Accept the medium we call reality there is no specific physical layer involved.

Selected artists with high affinity to the net and the new media where invited to create a web-based work. The individual contributions where presented on separate webpages with content of their choice which where accessible via a single URL.

Due to a simple location check however the website is only available on a specific position. When requesting the website from different locations, the works will not be visible and the visitor gets an access deinied message. Therefor the webpage will be primarily accessed by smartphones and other mobile devices by users which are on site.

To date, three local nons have been installed that still work at the respective locations.


LocalNonOffline at Ebertplatz Cologne

local.#non.access – km temporaer Berlin

The Wrong Club at Galerie Falko Alexander

A show titled The Wrong Club (03/11/2017 — 06/01/2018) was a collaboration between Digital Empire | Düsseldorf and cologne based Galerie Falko Alexander — curated by Falko Bürschinger & Florian Kuhlmann.
An exhibition in context of The Wrong —  Biennale for Digital Art. THE WRONG BIENNALE 2017 was the third edition of The Wrong, happening fromNovember 1st, 2017 to January 31st, 2018.

+++ ONLINE +++
THE WRONG Internet Pavillon – super-information-high-market.com
Art as an open source superproduct
open 24/7 on the internet, start from now ongoingregulary updates list of participating artiststs hereThe pavillon is still Beta version 0.96 and an open call is running.Interested artists please get in touch or just make a pull request on our repo at github.

Friday 03.11.2017 18:00 Galerie Falkso Alexander, Cologne
Curated by Florian Kuhlmann & Falko Bürschinger

Featured artists:
Banz und Bowinkel | Arno Beck | Tim Berresheim | Raphael Brunk | Matthias Danberg | Damian Dziwis | Dominik Halmer | Philipp Höning | Kilian Kretschmer | Stephan Machac | Igor Štromajer | Sebastian Schmieg | Timothy Shearer | Sebastian Thewes | UBERMORGEN

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Autopoises is Greek for self creation

A New Show is coming on 12.12.2014
„Autopoises is Greek for self creation“
with Thomas Spallek, Alexander Romey, Sebastian Schmieg und Silvio Lorusso.


HOWTO denken ++++ Dekonstruktion und Rekonstruktion anhand von Algorithmen. +++ Material als Container menschlicher Vorstellungen und Projektionen +++ Auch immer gut ist die Versicherung der Identität durch Feindbilder. +++ Außerdem: Realität entsteht in unserer Vorstellung. Klar. +++ Aber wir stellen sie selber her und beeinflussen mit dieser Fiktion wieder die Realitäten anderer. +++ Dazu merken: Die Feedbackmagie des Surrealen existiert generell nur im Denken des Anderen. +++ Unausgeschöpfte Möglichkeiten sind eben auch Zusammenhänge die noch nicht hergestellt worden sind. +++ Jetzt ist alles im Interimszustand zum Nächsten, und(!) wartet auf seine Optimierung. +++ Imaginierte Zukunft. Was soll das sein in einer permanenten globalen Jetztzeit? +++ Systeme (wie Photoshop/3d/Internet), die die Grundlage neuer Medien sind, werden präzise untersucht und offenbaren dann wie sich unsere Welt und ihre Betrachtung durch die zunehmende Prozessierung von Informationen und Bildern verändert. Ja? +++ Alles ist konstruiert. Indem man aber bereits existierende Dinge verändert, wird das zugrundeliegende Konstrukt sichtbar. Manchmal. +++ Hinauf zur Hyperrealität. Los geht’s! +++ Entmenschlichung ist immer ein Thema. Leider. +++ Denn Eingriffe durch Algorithmen sind in der Metamoderne die Basis der Mystifizierung des vermeintlich Realen. +++ Selbstkreation vs. Spekulation +++ Die rhythmische Neuerschaffung des Es. +++ Ephemer entsteht … , wirklich ist dann wohl das, was nicht veränderbar ist. +++ So lange bis alles nur noch Platzhalter und Container für alles sein kann. +++ x +++ Es folgt die totale Verunsicherung im changierenden Realen.

Beautiful photograph, very interesting view of the Sahara Desert - Thomas Spallek_02_web

12.12.2014 ab 20 uhr
Kirchfeldstraße 112
40215 Düsseldorf


BYOB Düsseldorf

Some pictures from the BYOB to celebrate the opening of the THE HUB & #digital3mpire on friday, 26.09.2014 at Kirchfeldstraße 112,  Düsseldorf.

With artwork from: Matthias Danberg, Daniel Dwyer, Lance Kiu, Max Kuwertz, Jens Mittelsdorf, Matthias Neuenhofer, Mark Pepper, Sebastian Blank, Florian Winkler, Martin Wisniowski, Dmitry Zakharov
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A BYOB to celebrate the opening of the Digital3mpire

On friday, 26.09.2014 we will do a BYOB (BRING YOUR OWN BEAMER) to celebrate the opening of the #digital3mpire – a new space for digital aesthetics and network issues in Düsseldorf. The artists participating in this event bring their own projectors and show their video works. The BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) concept has been developed by Rafaël Rozendaal 2010. The first edition of BYOB was initiated by Anne de Vries & Rafael Rozendaal in Berlin, and has since then been organized in many different cities around the world.

This show will start around 8pm (20.00 cet). Participants should come a bit earlier for doing the setup.
Please send us a short message if you would like to be part of the show. This makes organizing and planing easier for us.

Guests are of course welcome all evening … :-) !
Rich Kids Beer will be serverd.


26th septembre 2014 – 08 pm

Kirchfeldstrasse 112
40215 Düsseldorf

per e-mail to: hello (edd) floriankuhlmann (dodo) com
or via twitter @fkuhlmann