Local NONS

Local-non-sculpture is a a location based netart-exhibition and a site specific installation. The project is about the realization of a media plastic, a network-based permanent installation in public space. A media plastic is a sculpture made out of pure information, its dimensions in space are defined by bits, bytes, longitude and latitude and the possibility of getting access to it. Accept the medium we call reality there is no specific physical layer involved.

Selected artists with high affinity to the net and the new media where invited to create a web-based work. The individual contributions where presented on separate webpages with content of their choice which where accessible via a single URL.

Due to a simple location check however the website is only available on a specific position. When requesting the website from different locations, the works will not be visible and the visitor gets an access deinied message. Therefor the webpage will be primarily accessed by smartphones and other mobile devices by users which are on site.

To date, three local nons have been installed that still work at the respective locations.


LocalNonOffline at Ebertplatz Cologne

local.#non.access – km temporaer Berlin