LocalNonOffline at Ebertplatz Cologne

a collaboration goldundbeton.de, bruchunddallas.de and www.boutique-koeln.de.

local-non-off-line is permanent location based netart-installation, that was launched at 4th april 2014. the webbpage and the presented artwork will due to location-check only beaccessable at the ebertplatz in cologne, germany.
ebertplatz cologne is currently one of germanys most exciting underground gallery hotspots. 4 off-space gallerys are located there and make the space a vibrant place for new and fresh impulses into the artscene of the rhineland.
3 of the gallery will promote and support the local-non-off-line project, theses galleries are goldundbeton.de, bruchunddallas.de and www.boutique-koeln.de.
The local-non-offline was launched one week before the art cologne artfair in april, at 4th april 2014.

participating artists:
Sebastian Blank, Laura Brothers, Browser Based Foundation, Jennifer Chan, Florian Egermann, Dorotea Etzler, Manuel Fernandez, Thomas Hawarnke, Katrin Herzner, Yvonne Klasen, Christoph Knoth, Jan Robert Leegte, Peter Luining, Jonas Lund, Lorna Mills, Diane Mueller, Niko Princen, Oliver Salkic, Nicolas Sassoon, Julia Scher, Sebastian Schmieg, Vera Tan Hoveling, Johannes Thies, Sebastian Thewes, Damian Weber, Joonas Westerlund, Joubin Zargarbashi

the theme for this is off-line. a word which refers to the gallery spaces at ebertplatz, the off-spaces and also to the fact, that we all need the possibility to get off-line if we want to stay free. off-line means in this case means the idea of beeing disconnected and also of beeing released from a line.