Achim Mohné on the wrong router at NRW Forum is the worlds most net art biennale of the world. it consists of a planet scale digital swarm of webpages, shows and various exhibition formats contextualizing digital issues in a serious and playful way.‘
the wrong routers where part of the netart biennale 2019.

In 2019, with the kind support of Alain Bieber, a WRONG ROUTER made it into the NRW Forum and was installed there in the entrance area. The sound work “You are listening to the digital data packet of an analog photograph of the first analog cassette recorder from 1963 in the form of a digital sound recording while the sending of the image in an email on 4 May by a Wi-Fi router in under one second.”(47.12 min)“ by Achim Mohné was presented on the router.
The project was curated and organized in cooperation with Darktaxa collective, in this case largely driven by Michael Reisch and Florian Kuhlmann. I will not write any further about the presented work itself, because Michael Reisch had already done a detailed interview with Achim Mohné in advance of the exhibition. You can read the transcript of this conversation here on the darktaxa website.