Exploit & Disappear (we just stole it from the internet)

Exploit & Disappear (we just stole it from the internet) is part of “The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale” which starts officially at 1st November 2015. We celebrate this global digital art event with this performance. The Wrong is happening online but also offline. Divided into more than 50 online pavilions, virtual spaces in which selected works are exhibited, including an unlimited pavilion open to public participation, and a network of more than 40 IRL embassies around the world.

About Exploit & Disappear (we just stole it from the internet)

Tanja Ritterbex (NL, de Ateliers) and Isabella Fürnkäs (DE/F, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf) contrast preposterous self-made mobile phone videos with found internet-footage resulting in a non-static, perpetual collage.

The result is a multichannel video installation, that is translated into a printed fabric sheet which covers a bed in the centre of the room. A performance by Isreal Aten will take place on the same bed. He will be typing on a laptop and his typing will be projected into the space around.

Lyrics from recent bubblegum music, shifted and decontextualized to a new literal and at times poetic understanding, form the auditive backbone. Through depictions of a mediated self, this dialogue questions self-exploitation and dematerialization.
(Text by BJ)

exploit_internet_2 image5 Videostill33

Friday, 30th. Octobre 2015
19.00 until the end

Kirchfeldstraße 112
Düsseldorf, Friedrichstadt