Parallel Universes by Sebstian Schmieg

New visual piece by Sebastian Schmieg, who has been our guest in 2012. At that time we published the first Books&Blankets edition based on his ‚Search by image‘-project together with him. Now he has done a new – or better to say two new – videos based on the movie ‚Office Space‘, the proect is published in cooporation with screen saver gallery.

The 1999 Movie Office Space remade into two versions: one that does not contain any of the original dialogs, released as a screensaver through ScreenSaverGallery, and its counterpart in which everything in-between dialogs has been edited out, distributed through file sharing as an optimized version of the movie.

Parallel Universes, Optimized Version (Excerpt) – Sebastian Schmieg

“Parallel Universes” approaches narratives of efficiency and relevance deeply woven into and amplified by computational culture by looking back at a time when computers were mainly considered office appliances. It utilizes an efficiency strategy described in Douglas Coupland’s novel “Microserfs” and applies it to the Mike Judge movie “Office Space”.

Parallel Universes, Screensaver Version (Excerpt)

Parallel Universes, Optimized Version (Excerpt)

Sebastian Schmieg,
Parallel Universes, 2014