The Wrong Club at Galerie Falko Alexander

A show titled The Wrong Club (03/11/2017 — 06/01/2018) was a collaboration between Digital Empire | Düsseldorf and cologne based Galerie Falko Alexander — curated by Falko Bürschinger & Florian Kuhlmann.
An exhibition in context of The Wrong —  Biennale for Digital Art. THE WRONG BIENNALE 2017 was the third edition of The Wrong, happening fromNovember 1st, 2017 to January 31st, 2018.

+++ ONLINE +++
THE WRONG Internet Pavillon –
Art as an open source superproduct
open 24/7 on the internet, start from now ongoingregulary updates list of participating artiststs hereThe pavillon is still Beta version 0.96 and an open call is running.Interested artists please get in touch or just make a pull request on our repo at github.

Friday 03.11.2017 18:00 Galerie Falkso Alexander, Cologne
Curated by Florian Kuhlmann & Falko Bürschinger

Featured artists:
Banz und Bowinkel | Arno Beck | Tim Berresheim | Raphael Brunk | Matthias Danberg | Damian Dziwis | Dominik Halmer | Philipp Höning | Kilian Kretschmer | Stephan Machac | Igor Štromajer | Sebastian Schmieg | Timothy Shearer | Sebastian Thewes | UBERMORGEN

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Parallel Universes by Sebstian Schmieg

New visual piece by Sebastian Schmieg, who has been our guest in 2012. At that time we published the first Books&Blankets edition based on his ‚Search by image‘-project together with him. Now he has done a new – or better to say two new – videos based on the movie ‚Office Space‘, the proect is published in cooporation with screen saver gallery.

The 1999 Movie Office Space remade into two versions: one that does not contain any of the original dialogs, released as a screensaver through ScreenSaverGallery, and its counterpart in which everything in-between dialogs has been edited out, distributed through file sharing as an optimized version of the movie.

Parallel Universes, Optimized Version (Excerpt) – Sebastian Schmieg

“Parallel Universes” approaches narratives of efficiency and relevance deeply woven into and amplified by computational culture by looking back at a time when computers were mainly considered office appliances. It utilizes an efficiency strategy described in Douglas Coupland’s novel “Microserfs” and applies it to the Mike Judge movie “Office Space”.

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Rechnender Raum by Ralf Baecker

Artist-programmer Ralf Baecker who is currently colaborating with V2 Rotterdam, has 2007 realized a work i can and will not forget, and therefore has its place in this archive-collection. Rechnender Raum (Calculating Space) is a lightweight sculpture made of sticks, strings and small weights; at the same time, it is a fully functional, logically precise neural network.


When the machine starts up, it tries to resolve spatial differences in its mechanical logical structure. Every attempt, however, generates new variations, capturing the machine in an infinite contemplative loop. Thanks to its strictly geometrical and intricate construction, the observer is able to track the processing logic in its entirety from any point around the machine. The visibility of the machine’s core is reinforced by the unusual distribution of its components: a nine-angled architectural body forms a torus. In contrast to the ordinary alignment of a hidden logic and an external user-facing display, here the geometric basis is turned inside out.


The core of the machine, with all its computational elements, is shifted outward to the surface, while the „display“ showing the results of the operations is displaced to the heart of the system. Without either depending on or requesting interaction, the machine turns away from the visitor and carries out its computations for itself alone. Continue reading…