at the digital3mpire

we are very happy to present the berlin based together with the last show ‚METAMODERNE NOW AND NEVER — what we definitely do not know about metamoderne.‚ at our space in düsseldorf. METAMODERNE NOW AND NEVER has been on wifi display from 21 January 2017 to 13 February 2017 in Berlin and will be accessable in Düsseldorf on friday the 10th of march 2017.

more infos coming soon, follow on facebook for updates.

Freitag 19:00
10th March
Kirchfeldstraße 112, 40215 Düsseldorf


Participating artists:
Æther-Design, David Quiles Guillo, Dominik Rinnhofer, ENKI Live, Faith Holland, Götz Gramlich, Igor Stromajer, Julia Vanishtor, Johannes Thies, Jonathan Monaghan, Keren Cytter, Lorna Mills, Marieke Verkoelen, Oliver Haidutschek, Timothy Shearer, Phillip Meier