Aethertalk I – Hamburg-Rösrath

Aethergespreach 1 – 15.01.2015

First Aethertalk with Kai Erdmann, gallery owner (Galerie Kai Erdmann) from Hamburg and Johannes Thies, writer (Rösrathproject) from Rösrath meet each other for beer via video skypchat in digital3mpires galleryspace , THE HUB.

2 laptops, 2 men, 2 beers, 1 videoskype, 1 galleryspace and the internet.
Like always, we tried to question what #NON or metamodernism could be, but still have no clue.

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jimmy edgar – cat, pop, netart

great video thing with electro sound, hot aesthetics and cats by This is internet!

guido segni – pics or it didnt happen & middlefinger response

today we got 2 pieces from Guido Segni.
1: “Pics or it didn’t happen”
is the rule 32 according to the Rules of the Internet originally written by the Internet group Anonymous.

It is a colloquial expression used by internet users to challenge their virtual interlocutor on a discussion forum or a social network, when his arguments require photographic proof of what he’s saying.

Pics or it didn’t happen by  Guido Segni
Website, poster print, video, ondemand printed objects

2: The middle finger response
i really still like this one.


The middle finger response
Webcam portraits, slideshow

Guido Segni

Imaginary artist since 1979 2014

Everybody knows: Cloaque is THE epic piece of internet-tumblr-role-stuff by by Carlos Sáez and Claudia Maté. This webpage which is far more than a webpage, is a hyperreal netbased meta-trashcan for creative minds and maniac brains.

Good to see there is a new movie out – see below please. 2014 participating artists:
00.17 – 01.04 Jeremy Couillard > 01.04 – 01.41 Brenna Murphy > 01.41 – 02.20 Nicolas Sassoon & Sara Ludy > 02.20 – 02.41 Jaakko Pallasvuo > 02.41 – 03.19 Carlos Sáez  · 03.19 – 04.01 Golgotha > 04.01 – 04.44’s closing produced with DMNTIA. Music by Olivier Dias.

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