The Wrong Club at Galerie Ampersand

A show titled The Wrong Club (03/11/2017 — 06/01/2018) was a collaboration between Digital Empire | Düsseldorf and cologne based Galerie ampersand — curated by Falko Bürschinger & Florian Kuhlmann.
An exhibition in context of The Wrong —  Biennale for Digital Art.
Banz und Bowinkel | Arno Beck | Tim Berresheim | Raphael Brunk | Matthias Danberg | Damian Dziwis | Dominik Halmer | Philipp Höning | Kilian Kretschmer | Stephan Machac | Igor Štromajer | Sebastian Schmieg | Timothy Shearer | Sebastian Thewes | UBERMORGEN

01_The_Wrong_Club-Florian_Kuhlmann_Super-Information-High-Market_Pavillon_as_Video-Installation-frontal 02_The_Wrong_Club-Florian_Kuhlmann_Super-Information-High-Market_Pavillon_as_Video-Installation-inside 03_The_Wrong_Club - Installation view_ Sebastian Schmieg-Hopes_and_delivery Igor Štromajer 000000_1 Installation The_Wrong_Club - Installation view_ Banz und Bowinkel (left),  Igor Štromajer (right) The_Wrong_Club-UBERMORGEN-DEEPHORIZON

METAMODERNE NOW AND NEVER — what we definitely do not know about metamoderne.

‘METAMODERNE NOW AND NEVER — what we definitely do not know about metamoderne.
a netart-show on a hacked wifi router at digital3mpire, Düsseldorf on 10th of March 2017. Produced as a collaboration with, Berlin.

Contributing artists:
Æther-Design, David Quiles Guillo, Dominik Rinnhofer, ENKI Live, Faith Holland, Götz Gramlich, Igor Stromajer, Julia Vanishtor, Johannes Thies, Jonathan Monaghan, Keren Cytter, Lorna Mills, Marieke Verkoelen, Oliver Haidutschek, Timothy Shearer, Phillip Meier

OPENING TIMES: 10th of March 2017 20.00 – 23.59

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Much more pictures of the show at perisphere blog

digital3mpire_MG_0234digital3mpire_MG_0356 digital3mpire_MG_0284

VERNISSAGE: 10th of March 2017 20:00
LOCATION:, Kirchfeldstraße 112, Düsseldorf
OPENING TIMES: 10th of March 2017 20.00 – 23.59

Aethertalk I – Hamburg-Rösrath

Aethergespreach 1 – 15.01.2015

First Aethertalk with Kai Erdmann, gallery owner (Galerie Kai Erdmann) from Hamburg and Johannes Thies, writer (Rösrathproject) from Rösrath meet each other for beer via video skypchat in digital3mpires galleryspace , THE HUB.

2 laptops, 2 men, 2 beers, 1 videoskype, 1 galleryspace and the internet.
Like always, we tried to question what #NON or metamodernism could be, but still have no clue.

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